Dr. Craig Wright on being recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto in Colombia

YouTube video

Creator of Bitcoin and esteemed academic, Dr. Craig Wright, has been presented with an official proclamation by the Council of Bogota, recognizing him as the true Satoshi Nakamoto.

The proclamation confirms Dr. Wright’s identity as the original creator of the Bitcoin whitepaper, published under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, which ultimately launched Bitcoin, the forerunner to Bitcoin SV.

The proclamation was presented to Dr. Wright during a visit to the Colombian capital, where he addressed delegates on the benefits of Bitcoin SV as the true vision of what bitcoin should be.

Arguing that cryptocurrencies like SegWitCoin (BTC) have abandoned the principles in his original whitepaper, Dr. Wright said it was important to spread the word about Bitcoin SV in parts of the world that have the most to gain from increased transparency.

He noted, “It’s really important that we talk to the people who needs this most. People in the West don’t need Bitcoin as much as people in countries that are developing at the moment. In the West, there are already strong controls around government… We can make it efficient everywhere, but it’s most important in places like third world countries or developing countries—South America, Africa, India, because that’s where they’re going to get the biggest benefit.” (3:43)

Elaborating on his aims with Bitcoin SV, Dr. Wright said the mission was to build a system that would work with government to increase political and financial accountability at all levels of government.

“We’re not going to build a system to destroy government. We’re going to build a system to make government honest, so that people can vote and know who they are voting for, so that no one can change an election result, so that no one can ever fudge results, so that there is an immutable trail that the world can see,” he said in his speech. (0:01)

Anonymity was another area in which Dr. Wright said BTC had lost its way, arguing this only benefits those with corrupt motivations.

“Anonymity only helps the corrupt. At the end of the day, when people argue that it’s about freedom for everyone—it’s not,” he explained. (1:41) “Banks who enable money laundering, banks who enable terrorism, all of those thrive in a system where there’s anonymous transfers.”

Surrounded by crowds of fans in Bogota as he received the award, Dr. Wright said he was “overwhelmed” by the welcome from the Council of Bogota.

Alongside other BSV supporters and thought leaders, Dr. Wright is continuing to educate audiences worldwide on the benefits of a fast, low-cost, scalable cryptocurrency delivered by Bitcoin SV.

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