Dr. Craig Wright gives stellar performance at FT Alphaville Vaudeville in London

Dr. Craig Wright gives stellar performance at FT Alphaville Vaudeville in London

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The Financial Times (FT) recently put together a unique show that was described as “an experimental theatrical journalism one-night experience in London brought by the Financial Times Alphaville team.” It was put together with the help of BBC documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis and saw participation by several high-profile individuals. Making the marquee and headlining the show was nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright, also known as the man behind the Satoshi Nakamoto moniker. His presentation on Bitcoin was short, direct and to the point, as well as a little ominous.   

Wright has become more than a little disappointed with what has happened with Bitcoin. He points out that cryptocurrency was intended to be transparent and wasn’t meant to fight government. He states, “It Creates. It builds. But I don’t want the other version.” The other version is a reference to what SegWitCoin (BTC) had become when it was first introduced — a dark web, digital black market that allowed for illicit drug deals, kiddie porn and general illegal activity. 

He adds, “I don’t want to have something that people want anonymous; that people want to bypass everything: to live outside society.”  (1:46)

Wright also asserts that it isn’t fair that people are allowed to scam individuals like false prophets, promising ridiculous returns that will be offered in no time, but only providing results that leave investors and crypto enthusiasts empty-handed. 

Because the Bitcoin concept has been bastardized by certain projects like BTC, Wright has said that he will be donating $8 billion worth of cryptocurrency in 2020. All of the money will go to education projects — none will be put on the crypto markets, which could lead to crashes. The funds will be used where they’re most needed, making people smarter. 

As Wright wrapped up his presentation, he made a reference that, when viewed with the intent to donate $8 billion to charity, could be interpreted as a desire to completely remove himself from the crypto ecosystem, although he didn’t state that he was going to step away, nor was there any stronger indication that this is a possibility. In the end, Wright left a trailing “And if that means I give up” statement for the audience to interpret, adding, “The only example I can set is to do it.”

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