Craig Wright sets record straight on being ‘autistic savant’

It is not unusual for Dr. Craig Wright to struggle in social situations or have outbursts when individuals push his buttons. According to Dr. Wright’s latest blog post, the fact that he has Asperger Syndrome is a major factor in why we see this behavior from him.

What is Asperger Syndrome?

Aspergers if often described as a form of autism spectrum disorder in which an individual has trouble when it comes to social interactions and interpreting non-verbal cues. It is not uncommon for individuals with Asbergers to have an extremely high level of intelligence, show OCD-like patterns in their behavior, and have an atypical style of communicating. 

A number of individuals with Aspergers operate at a very high level. Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, and Chess Grandmaster Bobby Fischer are all said to have Aspergers. Each of them has made significant contributions in their field that have changed the world for the better—Dr. Wright’s contributions to Bitcoin are no different.

Why did Satoshi Nakamoto remain anonymous?

Dr. Wright’s Aspergers sometimes stop him from skillfully navigating social situations, which is one of the reasons why Dr. Wright created Bitcoin under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. In Dr. Wright’s blog post he goes on to explain why he decided to stay anonymous when creating Bitcoin.

“I did not want the attention that came with the creation of Bitcoin,” said Dr. Wright. “It was never and can never be a system that runs without human interaction. I had sought to remain outside of the spotlight. I am the creator of Bitcoin, but I am far from being the ideal spokesman and promoter, even of my own invention. As hard as I try, I have still failed to move past many of the aspects of my personality that result from autism. I have spent much of my life trying to overcome aspects of what most people consider to be simple.”

Bitcoin needed a founder, however, a founder typically acts as the face of a company. Unfortunately, to successfully bootstrap a company as a founder, you need to be well versed—or at the very least, be prepared–to communicate in any situation. Unfortunately, this is something that Dr. Wright is not exactly well-suited to do.

However, launching a product as an anonymous individual solves this problem. When a company, product, or service is launched by an unknown individual, the public often becomes more fascinated with the product rather than they do the actual person or group of people who created it. This removes a significant amount of pressure from the creator or creators and allows them to focus on their work, rather than being bombarded by public inquiry and media spotlight.

This doesn’t change anything

His latest blog post will be very helpful to explain past events as well as Dr. Wright’s reaction to the years of torment he’s been subjected to by scammers and criminals who want to prove he is a fraud as they attempt to steal his legacy as Satoshi. But at the end of the day, Craig is going to be Craig. He will probably continue to religiously wear the color red and give some uncanny responses to what seems like relatively straightforward questions. However, after reading Dr. Wright’s latest blog post, it makes more sense why he does those things.

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