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Craig Wright on a killing spree against ‘crypto’ in recent podcast

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It is never dull when Bitcoin inventor Dr. Craig Wright appears on a YouTube show as a guest. Recently, Dr. Wright spent a good hour on the Alfie Whattam Podcast to give insights into where he came from, how he grew up, the creation of Bitcoin, and more.

However, once host Alfie Whattam mentioned the names of known “crypto influencers,” Dr. Wright opened fire on each one of them.

Satoshi Nakamoto, or not?

“Craig Wright—the computer scientist, entrepreneur, and inventor—who many people believe is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin,” Whattam introduced his guest.

“Yes, I am. It does not really matter if people believe it or not,” Dr. Wright said.

That is true. We are past the phase of trying to convince anyone of anything. The BSV blockchain has proven world record-breaking capabilities on a technical level already. At the same time, BSV-focused entrepreneurs and enterprises have begun implementing Bitcoin SV in their systems with astonishing results.

Dr. Wright explained to host Whattam that in his early career, he worked at the broker systems of the Australian Stock Exchange, which was kind of a peer-to-peer network back then:

“People don’t realize that, but the early Stock Exchange was mutual. It is now the Securities Exchange (…), but the early system was owned by each of the brokers, so they were a mutual group where every broker had a say in the deal, and so every broker acted as a node.”

Interesting, isn’t it? The idea of Bitcoin started in 1998, and since then, Dr. Wright solved the electronic cash puzzle, created Bitcoin, and still works on Bitcoin as of today. Whattam listened closely to the background story presented by Dr. Wright and seemed to understand.

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The juicy part: Craig Wright on a killing spree

Whattam seems to have had a list of “known crypto names” prepared to drop onto Dr. Wright. If you feed Satoshi Nakamoto with crypto influencers, you get an almost automated, ruthless, but honest response from him.

Hence why we said Satoshi Nakamoto is a serial troll killer. And Whattam’s list was a long one:

–         Michael Saylor
–         Vitalik Buterin
–         Changpeng Zhao
–         Charles Hoskinson
–         Sam Bankman-Fried
–         Brian Armstrong
–         Adam Back

Concerning Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ), Dr. Wright stated that Binance is basically involved in money laundering. That does not seem like an assumption out of nowhere.

Dr. Wright explained that he made an exercise with tens of thousands of email addresses, registering tens of thousands of accounts at Binance, with each having a withdrawal limit of 2 BTC—which is a lot—in the absence of a full KYC (know your customer) process for these newly created profiles.

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Fake Bitcoin and real Bitcoin

MicroStrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR) CEO Michael Saylor is described as “one of the biggest losers of finance in world history” by Dr. Wright. Congratulations, Michael Saylor. What Dr. Wright refers to is the fact that Saylor seems to have had very painful financial losses in the past—and may face a similar fate again after having loaded up his BTC wallets.

Whattam specifically asked about BTC. According to Dr. Wright, the BTC crowd split off from the original Bitcoin in 2017, which means that Michael Saylor bought BTC, the block-size-crippled fork of Bitcoin. Dr. Wright is still working on the real Bitcoin, nowadays called Bitcoin SV (BSV), or simply the BSV Blockchain.

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The Don Quixote effect of Bitcoin

The podcast episode touched on various other topics as well. For example, Dr. Wright said he was filing a patent in the field of automated vehicles and is working on another patent that has to do with concrete technology.

“At the end of the day, what matters is what I do next—not what I have done before. When Don Quixote was written, it was written pseudonymously. There was a fake version of it; a sequel came out. Cervantes (the author) came out and wrote a sequel himself, saying: well, it is me! The way he proved it was writing another one, so people went: this is even better than your first one! Then they accepted that he was the author of both,” Dr. Wright said.

That means: Dr. Wright invented Bitcoin, BTC forked off and created a new protocol, and now he is nurturing the BSV Blockchain to its full capacities. Dr. Wright basically invented Bitcoin again.

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