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Craig Wright Bitcoin Trial of the Century Win: The Bitcoin Bridge Special Edition with Connor Murray

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It’s a good week for Dr. Craig Wright, who is fresh out of a resounding win in the “Bitcoin Trial of the Century” in Florida.

Jurors in the Kleiman v Wright civil trial were faced with the difficult task of determining whether or not Dr. Wright partnered with his late friend Dave Kleiman in the creation and mining of Bitcoin. They also had to decide based on evidence if Dr. Wright fraudulently transferred assets belonging to Kleiman to himself.

In both cases, the jury determined that the answer was no. They decided that Dr. Wright was not liable for 6 out of the 7 claims listed in the case, with the exception being a conversion claim, which results in Dr. Wright having to pay $100 million to W&K Info Defense Research LLC.

‘I don’t think they really got anything wrong’

This verdict has been a long time in the making, and Britevue Founder and CEO Connor Murray believes that the jurors got it right. He joined Jon Southurst in a special edition of The Bitcoin Bridge to talk about the jury verdict and what it means for the future of Bitcoin.

“If anyone actually looked at the facts of the case, I don’t think they really got anything wrong,” Murray said. “But it’s a really toxic world out there.”

Murray points out how reporting on the trial seemed to be spread across a spectrum, with some reporting the truth and other publications publishing inaccurate or “colored” versions of the truth.

He gives credit to news outlets that have followed the story from the beginning, saying they helped mainstream media accurately cover the topic.

“It seems like actually a lot of major publications got somewhat closer to the truth than they probably otherwise would have if there was no one giving proper context to the lawsuit,” Murray said.

‘We really aren’t owed anything’

While the verdict is good news for supporters of Dr. Wright and BSV, there are some people voicing disappointment at the lack of bombshell evidence proving that Dr. Wright is the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto.

Murray points out that at the end of the day, Dr. Wright is not obligated to give the public an explanation.

“As much as you want to know and you want to pry into it, we really aren’t owed anything,” he said.

The Britevue founder also said that the defense lawyers cannot be faulted for not bringing more evidence forward, considering that they won the case in the end.

What happens next?

With the court ruling that Dr. Craig Wright is 100% Satoshi Nakamoto, the question now in many people’s minds is what he will do with the so-called “Satoshi Fortune.”

While Dr. Wright has been vague on his plans for the bitcoins in his possession, Murray believes the nChain chief scientist will make good on his assertion that he will act to set up some kind of infrastructure to help bring the poorest around the world out of poverty.

“That’s obviously a massive undertaking that I don’t think will end with him,” Murray said.

Watch the full episode on CoinGeek’s YouTube channel to hear more of Murray’s thoughts on how the “Bitcoin Trial of the Century” unfolded.

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