CoinGeek Seoul shines spotlight on BSV development explosion in China

Developer activity on Bitcoin SV (BSV) has hit an all-time high, as more people around the world leverage the benefits of Bitcoin for building applications and developing use cases.

This is particularly evident in China, where an explosion of development activity in BSV has resulted in a significant community of Bitcoin developers and users.

On the sidelines of the CoinGeek Conference in Seoul, a panel of BSV developers from China spoke to CoinGeek’s Stephanie Tower about the opportunities and challenges ahead for Bitcoin in the country.

Ivy Dang, founder of city hub data platform CityonChain, said there were a lot of people keen to know and learn more about the technology in China. Pointing to the growing number of developers and mining pools in the country, she said there was already a community around BSV, which was continuing to attract interest from blockchain developers looking to build the next generation of use cases and applications.

Wang Fuquiang of BitMesh echoed these use cases, saying BSV appeals to developers first and foremost. He pointed to the scale potential of BSV, the only platform that can be reliably used for enterprise scale applications today.

He Qiming of RateSV said more businesses are getting into the blockchain space in China, drawn by the large block sizes and the acceptable cost of transactions on the blockchain, which he described as providing the perfect foundation for developing applications.

While the panel said they were keen to foster the development and growth of the BSV community in China, they noted that some challenges to wider adoption remain.

Dang said the biggest challenge for BSV was to focus on development. As part of the BSV family, Dang said she felt firms have a responsibility to tell other developers about BSV and why it is the superior technology for developing usable apps on-chain.

Fuquiang said the primary challenge was for developers to get the resources they need to develop solutions, and to transform research into products.

He Qiming said user adoption remained an issue for developers in China. He said users need to be allowed to earn and use BSV, in order to encourage more developers to work within the BSV community.

As more people enter the use and earn cycle, they will encourage more people to learn about and use BSV.

The Genesis protocol upgrade on February 4, 2020 is a monumental step in the history of Bitcoin, and will see BSV returned as close as possible to the original protocol as envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto. Visit the Genesis Hard Fork page to learn more.

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