Bitcoin SV price skyrockets to kickoff 2020

Bitcoin SV price skyrockets to kickoff 2020

It’s been an explosive start to the year for Bitcoin SV (BSV) after its prices jumped 20% this week, ahead of the pending Genesis upgrade scheduled for February 4, 2020. As the latest hard fork approaches, promising a return to the original whitepaper vision of Bitcoin, BSV price started to spike after a major hedge fund went all in on BSV in an announcement made late December.

At the turn of the year, Unbounded Capital (formerly known as The New Economy Fund) said it was backing Bitcoin SV and the wider BSV ecosystem, after publishing a post titled, ‘Why We Think Craig Wright is Satoshi and Why That Matters.”

Dr. Craig S. Wright is known to be the founder of bitcoin. Crucially, Dr. Wright published the original whitepaper, attributed to the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto—a claim that continues to be disputed by some BTC supporters.

In their post, Unbounded Capital set out multiple strands of evidence, including Dr. Wright’s academic pedigree, career experience and published works—all of which are in keeping with what one might expect from the founder of bitcoin.

Critically, Dr. Wright’s own masters thesis, which pre-dates the Bitcoin whitepaper, contains sections of text that resemble the content of the whitepaper, including in his original handwritten manuscript. Further evidence includes proof from Dr. Wright himself, including a signed message using a key from the first 50 blocks of Bitcoin—something that could only be known to the creator of Bitcoin.

The support from Unbounded Capital has added to the growing consensus that Dr. Wright is in fact the original creator and founder of Bitcoin, despite a widespread disinformation campaign from those with interests vested elsewhere. The move comes at a time of increasing interest from other institutional investors in the development of BSV, with a growing number backing BSV as the true bitcoin as originally designed.

Despite the price rises, Unbounded Capital continues to suggest BSV is underpriced, presenting an opportunity for investors, as well as developers, to capitalize on BSV ahead of the pending February hard fork.

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