3 Wrights don’t make a wrong

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Going back in history for precedent: Has anyone ever created a fantastic invention which elevated human history forever, and yet went unrecognized for YEARS?

What is the historical precedent for why so many smart people have been duped into believing Doctor Craig S. Wright is a fraud?

Corollary: Has anyone made massive grandiose claims about being the inventor of an incredible technology to the entire world and been proven a phony? Most fraud-operators find “marks,” or suckers. A mark is labelled as such because the perpetrator is MARKING gullible people who can be fooled. Fraudsters don’t typically make their claims to the entire earth’s peoples all at once, as this would vastly increase the chances of being caught AND increase the penalty when caught.

This article is the story of three men inventing in a cloud of doubt, greed, and misunderstanding. It’s a story about how great things can happen right in front of our face & yet we miss it—BADLY—in a cacophony of ignorance and willful deceit. History repeats itself, but some see it coming and lead from it.

If only history could slap us in the face and explain “YOUR times just aren’t so unbelievable, little man.”

Que the music:

wright brothers fying their plane
Many witnesses at Kittyhawk in 1903 yet the Wrights were still called frauds on page 1 news headlines 5 years later, and the US government & military expressed SO little interest in the Wrights’ legendary accomplishment they took it to FRANCE!

Like all of the great revolutionary minds and inventors, the Wright brothers stood on the shoulders of giants when they perfected flight. Before the Wright brothers there were many human attempts at controlled flight. Even more incredibly, there were actually some attempts at perfecting man’s first flight AFTER the Wright brothers flew their flying machine (at Kitty Hawk and Ohio) as if the Wright brothers didn’t already do it! Sound familiar?

“The only way to stand on the shoulders of giants, is to befriend each giant; then you’re the biggest giant of them all”– The Biggest Giant of Them All

2015 + 6 = 2021

It took SIX LONG YEARS before the two lads, Orville & Wilbur Wright, who lifted the human race to heights never before achieved, were recognized as the inventors of the airplane in their own country!

This is impossible to imagine today, as we are quite conscious of the long length of human history in which bipeds did NOT fly. So you’d THINK when someone saw guys up in the air, making turns with no strings attached for long periods of time and then landing without certain death, it’d be immediate worldwide news for the human race!?

“The Wright Brothers invented the airplane” is something every child is taught from a young age because it’s such an amazing human feat. The Wright Brothers invented flying machines by themselves, in isolation, and yet we as a people are all proud of it.  Birds just flew by genetic right, but people had to INVENT flying. We are all humans, and we can be proud our species invented its own flying, but we are NOT all Wright brothers. Why do some wish to steal the accomplishments of others? Why do some feel the need to find the flaws in our superheroes?  Hard to say; nonetheless, six long years in obscurity it was—for the Wright Brothers, AFTER they lifted themselves off the earth in a flying machine—for people to finally agree they were the masters of turning and control in the air. It’s a shame children aren’t taught as much about the DOUBT of the Wright Brothers as they are about the accomplishment—we could all learn much from both.

A BitCoin timeline

T-12 years ago, 2008


The BitCoin whitepaper

T-11 years ago, 2009


Continuous running of BitCoin Nodes

T-10 years ago, 2010


Craig Wright leaves BitCoin forums to work alone, afraid of being unjustly tied to Ross Ulbricht, WikiLeaks, and other criminals

T-5 years ago, 2015


Craig Wright begins explaining how BitCoin works—in detail

How many years, 20XX?


The world stops calling CSW a fraud?

BitCoin timeline

An Airplane timeline

T-10 years, 1900


Wright Brothers solve the pitch-stall problem which killed their mentor

T-8  years, 1902


Total in-flight controls mastered

T-7 years, 1903


Flying Machines are invented officially

T-1 year, 1908


Wright Brothers first demonstrate airplane in FRANCE, as US Army rejects the Wrights’ proposals

T-0 year, 1909


ONLY after receiving numerous telegrams describing Wright Brothers’ successful flights above Le Mans, does the United States recognize the Wright Brothers as the inventors of the Airplane

T+5 years, 1914


The Smithsonian Institute tries to prove that Sam Langley (Secretary of Smithsonian for 2 decades!) invented the airplane

T+40 years, 1948


The Smithsonian admits the Wright Brothers invented the airplane, but ONLY to get exclusive rights to the 1903 Wright Flyer airplane.

Airplane timeline

The Rise & Fall & Rise & Fall of the Third Wright

“BitCoin was not the first proof-of-work system…”– The Inventor of BitCoin

Five years after he was “outed” as Satoshi Nakamoto in a bit of a 3-way crisscross of circumstances and interests, there are now many, many ways to prove Doctor Craig S. Wright was the fountainhead of BitCoin. Several of them are highly technical, thus quite beyond the capabilities of most:

Computer Science proof:

For example, knowledgeable computer coding (not networking) geeks could have watched Xiaohui Liu’s LIVE demonstration of Turing-complete looping in BitCoin scripting language in New York City in February 2020. This demonstration proved Craig’s statements of Bitcoin NETWORK Turing-completeness he made in front of Nick Szabo in a public panel in 2015:

Math proof:

Eggheads can pour over Craig’s mathematical papers on “Selfish Mining,” which accurately describe the SEVERAL different ways Selfish Mining won’t work and will never be successfully implemented by anyone. Some attacked Dr. Craig Wright’s Masters in statistics via supporting the fears of Selfish Mining, like Peter Rizun, and used basic probability math to attempt to debunk Craig’s main paper on the subject. But Rizun’s criticisms ignore the larger mathematical problem, the boundary conditions, which make it more nuanced than dimestore probability-Spoks would have everyone believe. Hire your best mathematician if you like, but you’ll find Craig was right—again. Not only was Dr. Wright correct in his various papers on Selfish Mining attack, but HIS arguments were posted as papers for peer review. The only “reviews” of his papers were naysayers who didn’t do any math of their own, but used indirect non-technical commentary to pretend to take the other side of the argument. Had anyone seriously challenged Wright’s papers, they COULD have written a full serious academic paper to which Craig could have written a full serious academic response. Yes? But no one did—instead fake-news purveyors used chintzy lawyer tricks to discredit the PUBLIC papers Craig submitted in order for ANYONE to read and criticize the actual concepts in them.

Networking proof:

Networking nerds could have looked up the “server farm” large-node implications in the Bitcoin whitepaper and early Satoshi writings to understand that Craig’s essays on “small world” and “mandela” networks were spot-on, and matched what was actually occurring in largest-block scaling networks like Bitcoin Satoshi Vision as well as even small-block networks like BTC. But now we can simply SEE the difference: BTC and ETH aren’t scaling and rack up huge transaction costs because of poor networking topography such as mesh (“everyone is a node”) which allow traffic to clog. BTC’s network is so poor their core leadership actually markets massive per-transaction fees as a feature—BTC is for elite monied class they say—a “store of value” but without the price stability necessary to actually BE an actual store of value.

Too many proofs to count:

There are many more technical proofs that Craig invented BitCoin—EACH deserving of an entire article. Why 2.1 quadrillion tokens? Why did he start with 50 bitcoin as the first subsidy tier? [12: “Zeno’s Pizza Pi” yum!]  Why the double-hash? For what were the blank OP_NOPs intended to be used? There’s no need to write the PROOFS for these—Craig already did. He even posted them publicly in proper academic fashion for worldwide peer review here and here.


You don’t need to be technical to understand Craig is technically correct, you could just be a good poker player: Instead of reading Craig’s cards which are on full display like a royal flush “on the board,” just read the reactions of his opponents to Craig’s “cards.” Craig Wright with his many doctorates, is openly showing his cards every day, in detail. But are we reading them?

His critics’ attacks are filled NOT with counter-arguments based in math, networking theory, or computational theory, but instead on ad hominem, ex silentio or post hoc attacks disguised with coder-speak and typical coder superiority-complex ‘tude. In other words, if everyone around the poker table is folding to the big PUBLIC pot-raiser but snidely saying “someone should call him and make him prove it, make him SHOW ME (KEYS) CARDS”, just read the table’s ACTIONS.

dealer in a casino card game

Again, this is not an article going thru all the many, many proofs Craig Wright is the creator of BitCoin; it’s an article which simply tells an earlier historical story to help the reader understand the methodology and circumstances by which the greatest inventor of our time could possibly be called a fraud.

“The papers from the 1990s detailed an early concept of what is now called the blockchain. The difference was that the authors did not believe that a distributed consensus could be formed between each of the nodes. Here, the users of the network differ from the timestamping service, which is analogous to Bitcoin as the nodes differ from the users of the network. The distinction in Bitcoin is that I managed to find a way of allowing different individuals on the network to come and go.”—CSW May 19, 2020

poster from an old film
Man he looks sorta familiar!

It took 6 full YEARS for the people of the world to acknowledge the Wright Brothers. Dr. Wright came out as Satoshi Nakamoto in 2015.

Other “experts” in flying received more attention than the Wrights, EVER AFTER being the first people to create and fly airplanes. The “cryptocurrency” sector achieved nearly a trillion dollar market cap in 2017.

For 6 years, no one really paid attention other than some really cult-y geeky folks. After 1908, the brothers probably had bodyguards they were so popular, but people could’ve found them putzing around a field in Ohio and talked with them as long as desired. Dr. Craig Wright has been easily accessible to those who respect his work.

Much like Ross Ulbricht’s Silk Road, the rabble-rousing organization known as “Anonymous”, and Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, the airplane’s first major use case was ALSO nefarious: World War 1 “Red Baron” killing machines. Despite the airplane’s beauty and obvious future commercial viability carring people from city to city around the world, it’s first major use case was deploying them to kill people!

The Wrights shifted to Ohio farmland, which was even MORE obscure than Kitty Hawk back then. They practically HID from the press—if they could’ve been pseudonymous with fake names they probably would’ve done it. Dr. Wright put his head down in Australia and sold BitCoin to finance businesses researching how to USE BitCoin for GOOD purposes—from 2011 to 2015 (the first year of Craig’s outing as Satoshi Nakamoto).

Even after a year of quick fame, when people were forced to acknowledge what they had accomplished as the foremost experts on flying with countless hours of flight time under their belts, the Wrights became somewhat disliked for having the nerve to SELL their patented ideas to other airplane companies. People didn’t like the Wright Brothers trying to patent everything around their invention—and there was a LOT to patent—they’d worked pretty hard improving ALL areas of flight. Not only did they accomplish a lot just to get their first bird off the ground, but they spent years fine-tuning the airplane long after they were famous for it. Dr. Wright’s employer nChain is repeatedly in trouble with the public for attempting to patent what they’ve created. This is despite the fact nChain has promised not to use the patents against those persons working on top of the BSV blockchain.

Before the Wright Brothers might’ve enjoyed the incredible invention and accomplishment they showed the world, the “WAR-NEEDS” quickly set them back into relative obscurity. The world took from them and ran with it because the TECHNOLOGY was more important to the human race than giving fair financial remuneration to its inventor. Robert Kearn should be happy that his intermittent wipers were not so important—he ended up far better compensated for his miniscule add-on invention than the Wright Brothers were for inventing flying!

The sad thing is, even amongst those in the community who know Craig Wright invented a new money which solves a 50-year currency problem (probably the world’s biggest problem right now since fiat is a massive tax on human productivity), you will hear “Last Supper Peter” comments such as “It doesn’t matter if Dr. Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto or not, the technology stands on its own with him or without him”.

Here to tell you: It DOES matter.

Like the Wright Flyer of 1903, BitCoin is an incredible elegant invention which is one of the greatest creations of our era, and possibly THE greatest. If you take the work of each giant who created the tools Craig put together to make BitCoin, just understanding each one is a hard-enough task and requires acute honed expertise in that particular field:


Elliptic curve math

An attestment time chain

Computer science hashing algorithms

Esoteric assembly language-like Forth code

C++ programming

Adam Smithian human nature

Psychology of the longest chant

Game Theory

Computer network topology & Bayesian statistics

Internet protocol

Biologically-inspired signalling

Business morality and ethics

National and international law considerations

BitCoin is a herculean feat. Don’t cheapen it or hedge it by looking for human quirks in the inventor—such as trying to say he plagiarized his papers (People are now saying the same of Einstein—eyes roll). Instead just celebrate the achievement. It’s not like the man is demanding the Senate be shut down to make him Emperor (and this has happened, MULTIPLE times in history); quite the opposite, he’s been asking for his privacy to continue doing what he loves, what he’s best left doing—quiet but world-impacting RESEARCH.

We honor so many LESS significant people without feeling the need to cut them down. Local Jiu Jitsu black belt instructors have received far more respect and praise than this giant among giants. This achievement, BitCoin, is something to celebrate with wide smiles and ticker parades—like if you got a front seat at Kitty Hawk to watch some humans fly!

The appropriate thing to say, when we, as a human race, are given a huge gift, is really simple for the decent among us:





By John Pitts, first written in Feb 2020, but delayed for extensive editing til October 2020


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